The Futureo Credit Card Campaign Unites Savers and Spenders

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: herezie & adsoftheworld
Taking its creepy crawly characters from an old French tale, the Futureo credit card campaign turns a love story into a symbol of balanced budgeting. Written by Jean de la Fontaine, the original fable tells of the merging between a cicada and an ant, a crossbred match between to species with divergent priorities.

Ants are known for their hard work, spending the summer months storing away food for the sparser season. Their practices can be equated with those who save their money for a rainy day. Cicadas on the other hand, spend the warm part of the year expending their energy singing songs. The cicada is the serial spender.

Designed by Herezie of Paris, these ads take on a sketched quality that remind observers of the original tale. Asserting "Savings and Expenses, together at last," the Futureo credit card campaign informs consumers about the company's cashback program. Is this a true union of opposing personalities?