- Jul 11, 2013
If you dislike any kind of creepy crawlers, then you'll probably want to stay clear of these insect-incorporated ads, which will certainly make your skin crawl with its use of bugs.

Insects are often one of the most despised parts about mother nature, their constant pestering of people, small sizes and bites they can leave makes them a large nuisance to most people. Incorporating insects and bugs into an advertising campaign is certainly a creative way to catch people's attention. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply cringe at the sight of bugs, these unique ads will nonetheless make an impression with its imaginative insect concepts.

From shampoo ads showcasing a person's head covered in bugs to those that have ants holding up protest signs, these insect-incorporated ads will definitely stand out with its cringe-worthy techniques.

From Shrinking Threat Ads to Deathly Insect Advertising: