Y&R Makes Insect Ads for the French Company Obut

 - Apr 9, 2012
References: yr & scaryideas
The marketing and communications firm Y&R recently produced a series of insect ads for the French bocci ball company Obut. If you don't know anything about bocci ball, the ads may be a bit difficult to interpret.

Essentially, the objective of bocci ball is to throw a small metal ball as close as possible to a wooden ball. In hotly competitive games between skilled players, the accuracy of one player's toss will often be very close to that of his or her competitor. When this is the case, precise measurements are required.

In tight matches it is only sensible that the bocci balls themselves be precisely shaped so as to avoid ambiguity. These ads cleverly suggest that Obut balls are so finely crafted that insects could accurately measure them.