- Oct 28, 2013
There's something very Sci-Fi and futuristic about the thought of robots and cyborg machines, and these clever robot ads are utilizing those unique concepts as marketing techniques to engage viewers in a much more exciting way.

While the concept of robots being able to perform human tasks and functions in a much more efficient and practical way may seem daunting, the fact that these non-human entities can move and interact with society is quite mind-blowing and revolutionary. That's why marketers are now incorporating robots and cyborgs into their print ads and commercials as a way to add some thought-provoking futuristic touches to their product or message.

From cardboard robot food ads to Skynet-inspired commercials and Android campaigns, these clever robot ads will definitely attract audiences that appreciate these advanced technological concepts.

From Companionable Robot Ads to Droid-Dodging Car Ads: