Oliver Uberti's Robot Revolution Posters Creatively Depict Uprising

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: oliveruberti & designtaxi
Designer Oliver Uberti cleverly associates robot revolution propaganda with the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair for its marketing campaign. These posters are such a great way to both increase brand awareness and at the same time develop brand advocates.

With lines like, "every typo brings us one step closer to the robot revolution," it's hard not to find the posters endearingly witty. Astutely designed with a red, blue and beige color theme, it immediately conjures a patriotic image of America. The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is truly a paradox as it's actually a volunteer-driven, non-profit, creative writing and tutoring center. Definitely not what you expect, but that's the point it's trying to convey about creative writing; you have to think outside the box and truly explore your imagination. It appears the company has masted such unbounded thinking techniques as its robot revolution campaign is sure to garner attention.