The Wes Anderson Sony Commercial Promotes Innovation Through Imagination

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: & theworldsbestever
The Wes Anderson Sony commercial for the new Xperia smartphones has a charming lyrical quality to it that stems from the director's signature creative style.

Wes Anderson's Sony commercial, like his film 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox,' is compiled of stop-motion animation. The ad is centered around a child's narrative that describes how the Xperia smartphone is able to accomplish all of its impressive tasks. According to the narrator, "maybe there a three tiny little robots and their job is to make the phone work." What follows is a vibrant depiction of the life of those tiny robots.

Charming, vivid and inventive, the Wes Anderson Sony commercial draws inspiration from the unbound creative power of a child's imagination and channels it towards promoting a product that is itself expanding the limits of what smartphones can accomplish.