A Toy Love Story That Will Make You Cry isn't Kidding Around

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: manikako & adrants
If you cried when watching Toy Story 3, then this toy love story will make you cry 50 times that amount of tears. You're going to need some Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream and a few boxes of tissue to get through this short film.

The toy love story titled Gift Of Life is a story about falling in love and the sacrifices that come with it. The most adorable robot spots a doll from across the room and is immediately drawn to her. He jumps down from his shelf crashing down into a pile of army men then climbs up the ledge to she her. After their date they eventually end up getting married and living a happy life together until one tragic day; the doll's batteries die, so the little blue robot makes the ultimate sacrifice and puts his batteries in her to bring her back. When she comes to, the robot is lifeless. This is when the tears begin flowing like a flash flood.

The toy love story tells a tale without words or people but still manages to convey it's message with ultimate clarity.