The Cristiano Ronaldo Robot by Forbes Brasil Shows His Worth

 - May 23, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Forbes Brasil showcases a Cristiano Ronaldo robot to make all the girls of the future swoon.

The illustrations showcase a robot Ronaldo and a cryogenically preserved Madonna as part of its power list. The reasons behind the depictions were made to showcase how long these performers will have to keep performing in order to establish the same amount of wealth such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Ronaldo would need to play until the year 13508 to be at the same financial bracket as Buffet. Madonna would need to perform til the year 9328 to match Bill Gates’ fortune. Created by ad agency Ogilvy of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the odd illustrations showcases an interesting depiction towards the sacrifices a person would have to make in order to achieve a certain amount of wealth.