- Mar 28, 2014
The essence of the female has inspired poets and artists to fabricate stunning pieces of art, many of which we remember and continue to appreciate to this day.

The Leonardo da Vinci’s infinite Mona Lisa has been acclaimed as one of the best known works of art in the world, and many popular songs are written and influenced by women -- most of whom we never know. Women often inspire art in any form of media from sculptures, music, paintings, poetry or photography. We continue to appreciate these songs and idealize art based off of strangers because it is beautiful.

The most honest work that has been inspired by a women, is often the most tragic and thought-provoking. It isn’t hard to recall a particular song that has been inspired by a woman, like for example Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen, which was influenced and written for Janis Joplin.

Let’s continue to celebrate these women, and pay homage to these works of art that portray honest beauty.

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