Artist endsweep Adds Floral Accents to These Portraits of Women

DeviantART user endsweep is one enigmatic artist. Withholding all personal information, the talented artist only divulges that he or she currently resides in Kyoto, Japan, which seems appropriate given the fact some of these impressive illustrations have distinct Asian influences in them. Who endsweep is may ultimately not be as important as the work he or she produces, as these mesmerizing portraits of women are in a class of their own.

The subjects of these endsweep drawings are usually porcelain skin beauties with flawless facial features. However, it’s endsweep’s unusual floral accents that really steal the show as their vibrant colors contrasts greatly with the subjects to creative vivid visuals.

It appears endsweep creates these images both digitally and by hand, often times blending the two for even more stunning results.