Starburst UK Features Hit Girl from Kick-Ass 2

The July 2013 issue of Starburst UK will feature the charmingly deadly Hit Girl from the Kick-Ass movies. With Kick-Ass 2 set to release, it’s only fitting that New York-based designer Diego Patino would use the femme fatale heroine.

The Hit Girl illustration comes with a gorgeous color theme that features the vibrant purple that the child hero’s outfit is best known for. In beautiful Kick-Ass fashion, the child star is not only carrying a deadly sharp knife, but is also bleeding from the nose, presumably from one of her action packed fights. The artistic interpretation from Patino is perfect for this cover as it definitely captures the theme of the movie. The unexpectedly violent film captured audiences attention with a hilarious plot that was able to completely surprise viewers with its gruesome and badass fight scenes.