Dior by Mats Gustafson Showcases Pieces from Latest Collections

The fashion illustration series succinctly and aptly titled Dior by Mats Gustafson, a Swedish artist based in New York City, will excite people on a variety of levels. Although it targets fashion lovers first and foremost, there is a haunting quality about the images that would attract art lovers in general as well. Clearly the figures depicted are stylish, but the looks are also abstract enough to appeal to the general public.

Commissioned by the luxury label, Dior by Mats Gustafson showcases some elegant pieces from the fall-winter 2013 and cruise 2013 collections. The artist's use of watercolors, pastels and paper treatment really brings a new dimension to the designs. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the dresses, suits and jackets are impeccable in real life.