From Colorblocked Beauty Editorials to Neon Egyptian Beauty Shoots

 - Jun 8, 2015
Like fashion editorials, these beautiful beauty shoots showcase a certain product in various creative lights. Whether the editorials are marketing perfume or concealer, these beauty ads promote the product in the most eye-catching ways.

Beauty editorials are advertised in all kinds of fashion publications as well as the usual magazines. Such editorials as the 'Pull Yourself Together' photo shoot showcase the dramatic effects of man-made beauty. Other beauty editorials are not so theatrical and exhibit more vibrant looks. An example of the aforementioned editorial style is Glamour magazine's 2012 'Block Party' shoot. Editorials such as this are often juxtaposed with eccentric face paint and neon-colored eye shadow, which showcase bright hues and a playful aesthetic.

These beauty shoots hit all the industry's beauty marks from avant-garde to the natural beauties.