- Mar 31, 2015
These artistic makeup innovations range from theatrical goth runways that feature masked models along with paint-splattered beauty editorials that reject a traditional and everyday look.

Standouts from this list include examples that highlights extended or faux lashes along with neon eyeshadow hues that captivate the eye. While the past few seasons saw a decline in artistic makeup looks, the fashion industry is celebrating the return of theatrical and conceptual cosmetics.

These cosmetics oppose subtlety and are a true artistic translation of beauty artists and the amount of skill that is associated with their craft. In addition to an abundance of fashionable examples, these artistic makeup looks also include cosplay art creations that draw inspiration from popular culture.

This artistic industry shift is not only being embraced by luxury brands but has also caught the attention of affordable retailers who are offering a more experimental and vibrant product range.

From Theatrical Goth Runways to Paint-Splattered Model Portraits: