Sarah Joncas' Paintings Depict Alluring Yet Sinister Women

Sarah Joncas' paintings invoke the cliched analogy of "playing with fire." The females depicted in her magnetic images are all either in peril, have sinister occult-like attributes, or are straight up monstrous. The viewers know that encountering one of these ladies in real life would inevitably lead to trouble, but they're drawn to them anyways because it's almost impossible to resist gazing upon such alluring artistic creations. In that sense, Joncas' paintings are all of femme fatales.

What I find especially fascinating about these Sarah Joncas illustrations are the visual narratives they conjure. Viewers are forced to trade off a morsel of mental security in order to be transported to and experience the visual stimulation of these provocative females and their worlds. Why is that one mysterious girl covered in bandages? I don't know, but I can't stop staring and I want to help.