- Oct 29, 2014
Hopefully these examples of creepy Halloween art are tame enough to stay on paper and not seep into your nightmares while you're trying to sleep. These drawings, sketches and digital paintings bring killers from pop culture, witches, vampires, mummies and mutant monsters to life. Although there are some versions of each of these holiday icons that come to mind when you think "ghost" or "demon," these art pieces show that there are far more imaginative—and terrifying—versions of these creatures.

These scary works of art provide great inspiration if you're stumped as to what to dress up as for this Halloween. There are even a few series that put TV and movie characters in costume, or pick apart what they can normally be found wearing, which makes it super easy to recreate their most iconic looks.

From Devilish Damsel Drawings to Horror Film Friend Cartoons: