The Door Peephole Painting is an Eerie Way to See Who is at the Door

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: fancy & fancy
The door peephole painting is a creative way to check who's at the door.

It's no surprise that people like having eyeholes to ignore sales people or for safety reasons if they have kids, but there's no saying you can't have some fun with them! This painting looks like it belongs in a haunted mansion as one eye is removed and your eye looking through goes in its place. This painting would make a great Halloween decoration, as you can place it outside your front door instead of inside. When kids come to your door you can blink and move your eye in the painting to create an illusion that it's alive.

On any other day, this painting sits on the inside face of the door and it's a different way to add some character to your home decor.