Yoalys Duran Crafts Creatures with Dreamy & Nightmarish Qualities

 - May 2, 2012
References: yoalys.deviantart & behance.net
There’s an undeniable dream-like quality to these Yoalys Duran sculptures. Each fantasy creature just oozes a surreal essence, making viewers feel as though they’re tapping into unexplored regions of their imagination by simply looking at these bizarre and adorable animals. Sure, some of their anatomy may seem familiar, with horns, scales, tentacles and wings evocative of real world wildlife, but when these elements are unexpectedly paired together, they form beings that are so otherworldly, they can only exist within dreams. Unsurprisingly, Yoalys Duran titled this unique craft collection ‘Deep Sleep.’

For those curious about Yoalys Duran’s process, she uses Sculpey modeling clay to build her creatures and then finishes off the detailing with acrylic paints before baking and glazing her work. She explains that all of her artistic endeavors are based upon things she encounters in dreams.