From Scrap Metal Animal Sculptures to Vintage Furniture Animal Art

 - May 8, 2013
When exquisite art is created from everyday objects the outcome is enchanting; that's what makes these handmade animal sculptures so interesting. Animals and art often come together for a wonderful outcome and these artist showcase that union by crafting detailed sculptures of all kinds of animals from simple materials.

Humans have been known to hold animals in an admirable light. Artistic handmade animal sculptures are one way in which people pay tribute to the creatures they are captivated by. These animal sculptures are beautiful and detailed and highlight animals we find most intriguing. To top it off these pieces have been brought to life using obscure materials such as; bendable wire, old furniture, recycled paper and edible crackers.

Check out these handmade animal sculptures and see you be amazed by the details these artists are able to achieve.