The !ND!V!DUALS Collective Creates '90s-Inspired Installations

The !ND!V!DUALS collective creates life-size sculptures that can be enjoyed at any age. Influenced by '90s cartoons, animations and film sets on varying levels, their art focuses on creatures and anthropomorphic beasts including monkeys, birds and even the odd bear skin rug. Nevertheless, the studio also has an interest in creating environments and transformative art experiences.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the !ND!V!DUALS collective is made up of five individuals: Luke O'Sullivan, Colin Driesch, Dominic Casserly, Andrew Meers and Winston MaCdonald. Concentrating mainly on sculptures and installations, they strictly use salvaged material for these purposes. This happens to lend their work a unique touch, especially since, when it comes to their animal sculptures, they layer on wood pieces as though to mimic the texture of fur.