From Pop Culture Mash-Ups to Animal-Human Hybrids

 - Jul 30, 2013
Morphed images give you a new perspective on things since they mesh two things you never thought you'd see combined. Taking completely unrelated objects from different categories, many artists create abstract and surreal artworks by combining the unexpected. From animal-object mash-ups to human-cartoon hybrids, morphed art is unusual to say the least, often delivering a shock factor that leaves a longer lasting impression.

The 'Dogfighters' photo series by UK-based design studio INK is a good example of shocking and hilarious morphed images. The artist immaculately transforms dogs into the shapes of air crafts. The images are manipulated in a smooth and subtle way using advanced photo editing techniques. The furry-haired airplanes look as if they'd woof at you -- who would've ever thought of mashing up the two?