The Humanistic Figurines by Artist Not Vital are Eerily Disfigured

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: & sweet-station
Hailing from Sent, Engadin, Switzerland, the artist by the name of Not Vital creates series of sculptures that are slightly altered and morphed for an uncanny effect that is both eerie and discomfiting.

Using mostly what appears to be white porcelain, the disfigured sculptures are made almost pure and unfinished. These are the types of creations that seem as though the artist made a horrible mistake in his process and had these are the outcast pieces that he discarded along the way. Disturbing infant heads with crumpled faces, missing features and dismembered body parts make for a collection that could be gruesome if it weren't for the classic sculptural artistry involved.

Not Vital creates pieces for those who do not constantly seek perfection and can find beauty in marked flaws.