From Revived Vintage Seating to Overgrown Tea Box Seats

 - Jan 17, 2014
Try to break away from all the new sleek and soulless products that dominate the home decor market these days by adding rustic flair and charming touches to any room with this collection of vintage chairs.

From round-backed seats with spindles, splats and slats that have been beautifully machine-sculpted to romantic tea box stools to up-cycled chairs made from wooden casks, these vintage seating options will definitely add the aesthetic retro appearance to your home. And the great thing is you just need a chair! Redecorating a whole room or house is not only costly, but also takes up a lot of time.

So don’t try to go overboard; all you need are small touches to give the room in question a desirable vintage feel. And just because these chairs sport the slightly worn-in look doesn’t mean the quality has to be worn out too.