Polish avant-garde fashion designer Katarzyna Konieczka shocks again

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: kkonieczka.iportfolio.pl
Polish fashion designer Katarzyna Konieczka has recently presented her new collection 'Nekromantik' consisting of torture bridles and human skin-like dresses. Nekromantik by Katarzyna Konieczka was inspired by Frankenstein and his creations.

Pieces of flesh-colored fabric are precisely sewn together, producing multiple cracks at the seams and sometimes they take on organic shapes (like a blood circulation system). The technique that Konieczka is using is a result of many experiments. If a dress is long, she leaves more of a red color at the bottom, thus making it look like a living organism.

Torture bridles were the first designs of this collection. They constitute a merging of an orthodontic brace and an instrument of torture. As Katarzyna Konieczka claims, they represent women’s aspirations for submissiveness and express a fascination for masochism, both physical and mental, which is clearly visible especially in this particular collection.