- Aug 7, 2013
Children's stories have been influencing media and fashion for years now, and these Alice in Wonderland-inspired styles are showcasing just how influential these fairytales can really be.

Alice in Wonderland has had an immense impact on readers, including both children and adults who have read the story. The adventurous plotline of the story combined with the whimsical and outlandish characters that exist in this magical world serves to make this fairytale something that is constantly referenced and discussed in mainstream media and fashion. And these fashion examples are utilizing aspects from the story such as eclectic tea party looks and eccentric top hats and dresses to bring a more alluring fairytale vibe to these otherwise ordinary fashion spreads.

From wonderland fashionista shoots to edgy fairytale editorials, these Alice in Wonderland-inspired styles will definitely have you feeling like you've stepped right into this classic children's story.

From Mad Hatter Editorials to Bold Tea Party Photography: