Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov Create Couture Heroines

 - Jul 16, 2009   Updated: Apr 27 2011
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Everybody loves reworked fairytales, and this photo set from Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov of Doberman Studio does just that. Each image represents a considerably more fashionable reworked fairytale, from Alice in Wonderland to Cinderella, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood.

Imagine if all fairytale heroines dressed as fashionably as these femmes!

Implications - Reworking fairytales has become a common pattern in society today. Through updating classic tales by recreations, the fairytale photos enable viewers to imagine themselves in those places. The ability to become the person that they idolized growing up is an idea most people want to project, whether through their fashion, lifestyle choices or design aesthetics. It allows them to escape from society and revert back to their childhood.