- Jul 9, 2015
While fairytales are whimsical stories often told during childhood, these fairytale shoots bring the magical stories to life. From Disney favorites to iconic folklore, these stunning shoots are coated with a majestic aesthetic.

While Disney's Cinderella is a story most have heard time and time again, the iconic princess makes a realistic debut in various fairytale shoots from winter wonderland spreads to Disney-inspired celebrity photography. Other notorious legends, such as Little Red Riding Hood as well as Hansel and Gretel, are captured in Darya Kondratyeva's series of female fairytale shoots.

For the stories that end without a happily ever after, eerie heroine editorials and dark queen photoshoots truly capture the story's darkest and most vile characters.

From Celeb Fairytale Photos to Whimsical Wonderland Captures: