This Lina Tesch Natalia L. Photoshoot is a Fashionable Fairytale

This Lina Tesch Natalia L photo series is a strikingly fantastical shoot that is arguably inspired by an iconic fairy tale all children can remember.

Tesch is known for using imaginative, make-believe imagery in her photography to create photos that tell a story and are visually enticing. The striking hair of model Natalia is reminiscent of the beautiful and celebrated Princess Repunzel, whose story had her using her luscious locks to escape from the castle in which she has been trapped for years. This modern take on the fairytale uses some edgier, more risque styles chosen by the talented Nadia Brvar, with hair and makeup by Anne Henrichsen.

Implications - Fairytales are an iconic piece of most people's childhoods. The nostalgia they excite in consumers who are exposed to art, films and photography inspired by these stories and celebrated costumes drives buzz and consumption in the direction of these artists.