Natalie Keyser for Figaro Japan June 2012 Wears Intriguing Attire

Natalie Keyser for Figaro Japan June 2012 is captured in a variety of black and white Emporio Armani looks captured by photographer Tisch. This collection called 'Get Together' shows Natalie dressed to impress in sophisticated attire.

Stylist Chikako Aoki has adorned the model in a collection of clothes including pantsuits, gowns, sequined frocks and blazers. She is pictured wearing a pink wig, and her eyes are encircled by a vibrant yellow eyeliner. Natalie is captured wearing a variety of accessories such as black and white bangles, top hats, choker necklaces and brooches.

Natalie Keyser is a young American fashion model born in 1992, and she has been featured in fashion magazines worldwide in Paris, Tokyo, London and NYC.