The 'Dream Incubation' Collection by Paradigm Shift is a Doomed Fairytale

The 'Dream Incubation' collection by Paradigm Shift is an avant-garde dip into the chicness of drudgery.

Philippine fashion line Paradigm Shift released an eerily themed collection of shapeless garments. The pieces come close to ink-dipped togas, but maintain a haute attitude through quality layering and sturdy seems. There's a certain freedom allowed through the collection. Not only is movement free while wearing articles, but there is a liberating power to donning the edgy articles. The line challenges fashion norms and has a certain shock value. Pieces included range from maxi dresses, loose tanks, half-scarves and an assortment of other ventilated clothing. The company's site says of the line: "A tiny bit less virginal than the last collection, Dream Incubation goes back to the absent consciousness of falling asleep."

The 'Dream Incubation' collection by Paradigm Shift is a loud rebellious statement that looks amazing.