From Cool Californian Collections to Rugged Bohemian Lookbooks

 - Oct 25, 2013
These laid-back menswear looks are perfect for any gentleman searching for something chic yet comfy to add to their wardrobe.

While tightly fitted ensembles and tailored suits are aspects that are commonly found in modern day fashion designs, sometimes it's nice to just let loose and wear clothing that is fun, baggy and all-around comfortable. These laid-back menswear styles are all about providing that casual yet contemporary design, offering men the chance to wear ensembles that are visually appealing while simultaneously easy and practical to wear. From chic bohemian ensembles to surfer clothing and hobo chic styles, these laid-back menswear looks are sure to offer some practical tips to anyone looking for something modern and simple to add to their closet.

Showcasing that couture clothing doesn't have to be restrictive and form-fitting, these laid-back menswear looks are able to strike the right balance between chic styling and comfortable fit.