- Jan 2, 2015
These whimsical fairytale editorials range from romantic forest shoots to Disney Princess portrayals that feature some of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities. Fairytale imagery is often the inspiration behind couture collections and ad campaigns that are surreal and striking.

These examples celebrate fashion's element of fantasy and reject mundane notions of style. While modern fashion can often rely on minimalism and function, these fairytale editorials reject the expected and instead choose to take a more imaginative approach to the industry.

Paying tribute to legendary couturiers like Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy and more recent visionaries like Jean Paul Gaultier, these fairytale editorials and ad campaigns transport viewers in a world of luxury and fantasy. Whether referencing mystical or childlike imagery, the shoots feature some of fashion's most unattainable and artistic pieces.

From Celeb Disney Shoots to Dramatic Dark Queen Campaigns: