Darya Kondratyeva Captures Images Inspired by Empowering Female Leads

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: dasha-kond & mymodernmet.tumblr
This photographic series by Darya Kondratyeva has a fairytale theme. Unlike similar shoots, the Moscow-based photographer focuses on folklore with strong feminine characters. In the pictures, the women are seen posing with their animal companions. The images don't just celebrate female characters, but their special bond with different furry creatures. While the models embody characters you will most likely recognize, sometimes the critter component is harder to place a finger on.

Darya Kondratyeva photographs Gretel with a bear cub, Red Riding Hood with owls and wolves and Merida with a bear. So clearly there is some artistic license here. There is also an unnamed red-headed model in a puffy princess dress posing with a reindeer one can only assume is supposed to be Anna from Frozen.