From Sophisticated Snowy Fashion to Frosty Fleece Editorials

 - Nov 25, 2014
Winter is, arguably, the hardest season to dress for; thankfully, you can draw some inspiration from the delightfully wintry editorials currently flooding magazines.

If you're having trouble toeing the line between warmth and style (it's often hard to resist the urge to wear a snuggie to work), worry not. There are plenty of gorgeous options out there, from fleece-lined leggings to woolen parkas and fur hats.

White, cream, grays and other light colors look phenomenal during the wintertime. And while it's sad to see our golden tans fade away, don't feel the need to fight your natural paleness. Instead, embrace the "porcelain" look, and add a pop of color with a velvet-textured red lip. It's a stunning combination!