Macro Photography by Peter Reijners is Extremely Peculiar

 - May 30, 2013
References: & theskunkpot
Dutch photographer Peter Reijners has an intriguing and unusual series of macro photography cricket captures that would make most people cringe. These bizarre looking cricket close-ups look almost cartoonish. The crickets eyes seem to follow the viewer.

This insect focused series looks at first glance like the photos have been manipulated. These creepy crickets seem to be making faces at the observers. These macro photography captures both humanize crickets and make them all the more cringe worthy. Macro photography is a very extreme close-up technique that is typically used on tiny objects or critters (like this creepy cricket character.) This series perfectly demonstrates how using macro photography in art can totally change the look and feel of an object. What was once a little chirping insect now looks like a terrifying monster.

If there's one thing that this strange macro photography series accomplishes, it's changing the way people see crickets.