From Hypnotic Chocolate Branding to Punchy Shampoo Designs

 - Dec 22, 2013
These psychedelic branding techniques are showcasing how bold and abstract designs can help provide products with a long-lasting impression.

While psychedelic features and hypnotic images are often aspects related to the hippie era, these unique branding techniques are incorporating those artistic qualities as a way to create a visually enticing product. Showcasing packaging designs with fierce patterns, whimsical color combinations and abstract shapes, these psychedelic branding techniques are encouraging consumers to take time out to simply observe the intricacy of these well-designed products. A great way to stand out amongst the most simple and ordinary labels, these psychedelic designs will surely have consumers stopping to take a double look.

From kaleidoscopic pop cans to hypnotic wine labels, these striking package designs will definitely make a lasting impression with anyone who sets their gaze on them.