Mr. Brigadier Packaging Harkens to the Treat's History

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: & packagingoftheworld
Classic negrinho chocolates have been given a fresh and contemporary image with the design of Mr. Brigadier packaging. Daniel Machado wished however to instill each box and jar with a subtle taste of the sweets' history through the conception of the retro logo and the mesmerizing color scheme.

Firstly, Senhor Brigadeiro himself was rendered in a simple two-tone illustration complete with a dinner jacket, a curling mustache and a monocle. The image is embraced with a spiraling frame employed as a medallion to label each chocolate wrapper.

When it comes to the aesthetic of Mr. Brigadier packaging, the color black was a deliberate decision, since the nickname of these confections literally means "blackie." Printed with fine curving stripes against yellow, this project succeeds to be low-cost, sophisticated and scrumptious.