- Feb 5, 2015
Quick service restaurants have so much potential for introducing eco fast food packaging, yet so few of take up the opportunity. Perhaps it's the time and money wrapped up in considering rebranding and redesigning that turns so many companies off. Whatever the reason may be, this collection of ideas will demonstrate how to make an easy switch with a field of practical and economic options.

Brown kraft paper has been picked up by many cafes as a way to serve snacks in recyclable material. Card and cardboard offer the same possibilities, but there are more imaginative alternatives too. Cellulose containers that resemble clear plastic will decompose naturally after use. A personal favorite is the use of plantable seed paper that invites you to literally bury your trash to grow new greenry. Whether you're serving soups, salads, sandwiches or drinks, these sustainable and generally eco-friendly packages hit the spot for responsible consumption.

From Plant-Based Containers to Plantable Gourmet Packaging: