The BagBox Packaging Concept is Adaptable for On-the-Go Eating

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: casey-ng & packagingoftheworld
Part of the experience of eating takeout fish and chips is being handed the grease-soaked paper wrapper that contains it. The BagBox packaging concept takes into account that such casual meals are usually held within a sturdier cardboard tray as well, which all amounts to more paper used than necessary.

Casey Ng of New Zealand thus decided to construct a carton for takeaway fries and battered fish that comprised both components in one. An earthy brown kraft paper makes up the primary sack, lined with a little cardboard reinforcement in the bottom. Once you've carried the snack to your destination, the high wrapping of the pouch may become a bother. Just over an inch from the bottom of BagBox packaging is a tab that, when pulled, renders the receptacle into a bowl.