The Mug Pub by Ivan Maximov is for Eco-Friendly Boozers

 - Apr 9, 2011
References: & thedieline
I love the new packaging for the Mug Pub by Ivan Maximov. As a beer drinker myself, I appreciate every aspect of the new design, elements and concept.

Mug Pub is a chain of football bars in Moscow. Maximov, a design student from Russia, redesigned the branding and came up with a new concept for take-away beer. The pub's beer is filled into sturdy paper cups, complete with lids, and put into a cardboard carrier. A sticker is placed on top of the beer's lid to identify the brew and the date it was filled. The paper booze mugs make this a green idea to help out the environment by using recyclable paper cups.

The Mug Pub by Ivan Maximov is a clever cardboard design for the bar's beer branding.