- Oct 31, 2014
Whether you're a start-up looking to evolve into a bigger firm, a boutique looking to expand your clientele or an individual looking to put your skill-set out there, personal branding initiatives will be central to your game.

The Internet, social media and technology in general have greatly broadened the scope of branding, while also making it easy for you to create a compelling brand with minimal funding.

However, branding initiatives work best when you don't focus solely on your image, but actually use your branding strategy to showcase your substance as a business or personal brand, and leverage your brand to show off your knowledge base.

This doesn't necessarily mean your branding should be serious and uptight. A lot of the most successful and memorable branding initiatives have involved quirkiness and outside-of-the-box thinking.

From Cyclist-Focused Cafes to Winsome Waterbird Branding: