The 3-Point Tequila Packages its Tequila in a Basketball-Themed Bottle

 - Apr 6, 2014
Being able to differentiate a product from the rest is tough, but this sport-themed bottle brings a creative bottle style to the liquor business. This new bottle design is a definite way to stand apart from the plain square and cylindrical bottles. The '3-Point Tequila' created a sport-themed bottle that looks like a basketball entering a hoop. To closely knit itself to the basketball world, the bottle comes with an orange basketball-shaped bottle stopper.

The company's slogan is "you don't have to be a pro to take a shot," which is a great tagline that works with the basketball world. With 3-point shots in basketball being quite difficult to make, some people may prefer to stick with the ease of getting a shot of tequila completed.