- May 5, 2015
Traditional examples of wine branding are no longer the only type of marketing seen in the vino aisle. As marketing and branding continues to evolve, so does the need to enhance package appeal.

A fancy paper sleeve with gold lettering may catch the attention of a devoted wine connoisseur but eccentric packaging is what provokes a consumer to pick up the bottle. Expanding beyond the label, wine marketers have now incorporated vast creativity into the wine bottle itself. Distinct packaging not only sets the product apart but it also adds to the brand. Such packaging as matte bottles give off an industrial artisanal effect depicting hard work while a bright magenta bottle holds the allure of a party favorite.

From human heart-shaped bottles to recycled paper labels, wine packaging has been changed to creatively represent the brand and amuse the consumer.

From Candy Corn Bottles to Vulgar Beverage Branding: