Chris Ferrante Gives a Nod to Tradition with His Fufluns Wine Packaging

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: thedieline
Design student Chris Ferrante created concept packaging for a fictional Tuscan winery entitled Fufluns wine. Named for the Etruscan god of wine, Chris Ferrante has found a way to celebrate tradition while still embracing modernity.

In recent years wine manufacturers have begun to favor a rubber cork in place of the traditional stopper. The rubber cork allows for a tighter seal and helps the wine maintain it’s flavorful prowess for longer. The only difficulty is somewhere in the thousands of years of tradition that wine-making has enjoyed, wine connoisseurs began to favor the feel, look and smell of real cork. To remedy the stylistic and quality conflict, Chris Ferrante created a label of screen printed adhesive cork and opted for a rubber stopper with accented with the company’s name created from a custom rubber stamp.

The perfect combination of tradition and concern with quality, Ferrante’s Fuflus wine packaging is sophisticated yet unexpected.