From Pill-Inspired Beer Bottles to Medical Dessert Kits

 - Aug 26, 2014
Pharmaceutical branding is known for its clean, minimalist and often sterile aesthetic. In addition to countless pills and supplements that employ this branding strategy, food and drink companies are also jumping on the medicinal branding bandwagon and opting for styles that are the opposite of expected.

Some examples of non-traditional pharmaceutical branding include the Beaujolais Nouveau AD packaging. Resembling IV blood bags, this wine packaging is eye-catching while promoting consumers to donate blood within their community.

Another fan favorite includes Plxcebo by Stephanie Beneteau. The French designer's medicine-free product is actually a delicious set of chocolate lozenges and capsules that are said to cure a wide range of ailments. This clever branding illustrates chocolate's positive effect on the brain during countless situations including illness and heartbreak.