Richter Gedeon Branding Incorporates Images Where They're Unexpected

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
Children's medications aside, when was the last time you saw an image on boxes of your prescription meds, other than for the purpose of providing directions for use? Richter Gedeon packaging expresses itself in an atypical way, incorporating a drawing to intrigue the consumer and to establish a distinctive brand identity.

Luca Patkos of Hungary began with your basic look of pill packs, adding text and blocks of shading to the white folded card. With more care than is typically taken, he thoughtfully combined complementary typefaces and he color-coded each product with more vivid hues than usual.

This new spin on Richter Gedeon packaging is most notable for its intricate and monochromatic illustrations. The designer graphically suggests the purpose of each drug with detailed anatomical sketches of the brain, the heart, the joints and other organs and body parts.