- Dec 11, 2014
These different examples of abstract advertising demonstrate how art can be used to spark imagination in a variety of different marketing methods. Whether you are looking for artistic packaging or inspirational lookbooks, abstract aspects are present.

Abstract advertising is, however, most often seen in print campaigns. From Coca-Cola's FIFA World Cup screaming soda ads to Green Cup Coffee's print ad campaign, creative agencies are bringing back an old artistic expression. Catalogs and fashion photography reflect this idea as well, which is seen in artfully ethnic attire, artistic bridal lookbooks, modernist knitwear advertorials and youthfully eccentric catalogs. Packaging is also a popular place for abstract elements, for example mustachioed soap pump packaging, Scandinavian skin care branding and abstractly patterned pigment cans.

From Expressionist Beverage Branding to Elegant Artist Catalogs: