The Rebel Yuths ORISHA Collection Pays Homage to African Heritage

The Rebel Yuths 'ORISHA' collection pays homage to designer Damier Johnson's African heritage and explores otherworldly themes often seen in the culture's Voodoo rituals. Translated as 'Initiations', this line of menswear features a range of edgy pieces that include vibrantly patterned coats and sweaters along with the label's sculptural eyewear accessories just to name few.

Bringing a cultural aesthetic to life, the Rebel Yuths 'ORISHA' collection is a modern take on tradition. The urban menswear line focuses on custom textile prints that feature abstracted Orishas. These beings are seen in Voodoo rituals and are representative of the ruling powers of the universe.

Showcased in a striking lookbook series, this line of menswear explores non-traditional design ideals and endorses a strong sense of individuality.