Cocktail Sodas Packaging Features Fun Hand-Scrawled Typefaces

You might say that Cocktail Sodas packaging incorporates no pictures, but the brand image fosters visual interest thanks to a very artistic approach to presenting text. Student designer Miriam Altamira combined illustrations and alphabetic characters into one delightful display that causes the consumer's eyes to dance.

Reading the labels from left to right is a stimulating exercise because each letter has been made with a unique and elaborate look. The hand-drawn symbols pull from all sorts of different fonts for inspiration, as well as from the fruits that go into the flavorful drinks. Abstract patterns develop from the fleshy features of berries, lemons an grapefruits; meanwhile, wave-like motifs are made to represent the tonic water. Cocktail Sodas packaging comprises doodles directly on the clear bottles for a light and playful appearance.