The WWF 'No water, No life' Campaign is Artistically Abstract

 - Aug 8, 2013
References: & ibelieveinadv
The WWF 'No water, No life' ad campaign is not necessarily as powerful as the non-profit organization's previous campaigns, but it gets its important message across nonetheless. It revolves around nearly abstract images of animals depicted in watercolors. Yet because of the lack of water, the images are barely recognizable as the bear, lion, turtle and whale they are supposed to be.

Conceived and executed by Contrapunto BBDO, an ad agency based in Madrid, Spain, the WWF 'No water, No life' ad campaign was art directed by Raúl López and Aurora Hidalgo with creative direction by Carlos Jorge and Félix Del Valle. The artistic images were illustrated by Lucía Ares. It is interesting to note that the pages themselves are not pristine.